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The primary goal of MetaMapLite to provide a near real-time named-entity recognizer which is not a rigorous as MetaMap but is much faster while allowing users to customize and augment its behavior for specific purposes.

It uses some of the tables used by MetaMap but all lexical variants used in the table are pre-processed. Named Entities are found using longest match. Restriction by UMLS source and Semantic type is optional. Part-of-speech tagging which improves precision by a small amount (at the cost of speed) is also optional. Negation detection is available using either Wendy Chapman's context or a native negation detection algorithm based on Wendy Chapman's NegEx which is somewhat less effective, but faster.



MetaMapLite 3.6.1

The 3.6.1 version of MetaMapLite is a bugfix release that fixes the following issue:

  • Fixes an error in the method which removes entities which are subsumed by a larger entity in which some entities that were not subsumed were removed.

MetaMapLite 3.6

The 3.6 version of MetaMapLite is a bugfix release that fixes the following issues:

  • Fixes an error in the longest match algorithm in which entities which were subsumed by a longer enitity were not removed.
  • Includes an example of creating a result formatter.
  • Readme documentation has been updated.

MetaMapLite 3.5

The 3.5 version of MetaMapLite is a bugfix release that fixes the following issues:

  • The negation status of a concept was not refected in the MMI fielded output.
  • The location of chunker model file was not user modifiable.
  • The default properties file was missing a reference to the treecodes file used for MMI fielded output.
  • Readme documentation has been updated.

MetaMapLite 3.4

The 3.4 version of MetaMapLite now optionally adds scoring similar to the original MetaMap of concept mapping results for BRAT output and ranked indexing results for MMI Output using MetaMap's Ranked Indexing algorithm. MMI Results may be somewhat different from MetaMap's due to differences in MetaMapLite's mapping scores which are supplied as input to the MMI Ranked Indexing algorithm.

MetaMapLite 2016 3.1 SNAPSHOT

MetaMapLite 2016 3.0 SNAPSHOT

Example MetaMapLite Servlet



The Source code for MetaMapLite is supplied with the distribution in the directory public_mm_lite/src. The source code is also available at the MetaMapLite Github Page.