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For more information on running MetaMap and its many options, please see these references:

MetaMap Readme Files, Usage Notes, and Release Notes

  1. MetaMap 2016v2 Release Notes (PDF)
  2. MetaMap 2016 Release Notes (PDF)
  3. MetaMap 2016 Usage Notes (PDF)
  4. Fielded MetaMap Indexing (MMI) Output Explained 2016 (PDF)
  5. MetaMap 2016 FAQ (PDF)
  6. MetaMap 2014 Release Notes (PDF)
  7. MetaMap 2014 Usage Notes (HTML)
  8. MetaMap 2013 Usage Notes (HTML)
  9. MetaMap 2013 Release Notes (PDF)
  10. MetaMap 2012 XML Output Explained (HTML) [PDF version] (PDF)
  11. MetaMap 2012 Machine Output Explained (PDF)
  12. Fielded MetaMap Indexing (MMI) Output Explained 2014 (PDF)
  13. Fielded MetaMap Indexing (MMI) Output Explained (2013 and earlier) (PDF)

Public MetaMap Specific Documentation

  1. Installing and Running the Public Version of MetaMap (HTML) (PDF)
  2. Public MetaMap Installation on Windows (HTML) (PDF)
  3. Using the MetaMap Java API (HTML) (PDF)
  4. Using the MetaMap UIMA Annotator (HTML) (PDF)
  5. Data File Builder README (HTML) (PDF)
  6. DFB and Source Code Readme for the Mac OS/X Platform (HTML) (PDF)
  7. MetaMap Source Distribution README (Plain text) (HTML) (PDF)