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8 dll problem with distributionresolved
28 word, strings, and concepts tables are empty (size 0)resolved
29 Application Error box after MM server being called 1800 timesstalled
34 Error Connecting to WSD Serverstalled
35 Socket closes randomly if Metamap runs on a remote serveropen
36 Metamap server doesn´t listenresolved
37 Processing long pharse I am getting resource errorresolved
38 Instability when metamap server options and API metamap options both setstalled
39 Problem with Metamap installationresolved
40 Utterances are returned that are not found in the document textresolved
41 Metamap Api: problem with Utterance return typeresolved
42 Using 2012AB data release with MetaMap 2012stalled
44 Displaying Concept Code in Custom Metamap Datasetopen
45 mmserver12.bat is missingresolved
46 "Strings of death" bring down MetaMap serveropen
47 Error encountered in
48 Apparent single quote errorresolved
50 mmserver13 dies with SPIO_E_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILESresolved