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Queue: PublicMetaMap
Subject: Using 2012AB data release with MetaMap 2012
Status: stalled
Created: Mon Mar 25 08:38:51 2013
Resolved: Not set
LastUpdated: Tue Jun 11 10:28:58 2013

Creator: 28
Created: 2013-03-25 12:38:51
Transaction: 1900
Parent: 0
MessageId: [email redacted]
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         >Category: mmtxT
         >Synopsis: Using 2012AB data release with MetaMap 2012
         >Confidential: no
         >Severity: non-critical
         >Priority: low
         >Class: sw-bug
         >Submitter-Id: mmtxWeb
         >Operating System - MetaMap: 
         >OS Version - x86_64 (Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11)
         >Java Version - Java 1.6
         It is not possible with the existing script mmserver start script to use the 2012AB data release with the 2012 MetaMap server. 
         The description of how to use other datasets can be found here on the MM11_Usage.shtml page - I didn't see one for MM12 and the instructions there do not work. After looking over the start script it seems there is no way to use the -Z option to specify the 2012AB release rather than the 2012AA release. I am working around this by removing the 2012AA release from the DB directory and putting in a 2012AA symbolic link to point to the 2012AB entries. It appears to work for a few test cases - is this the way to do it for now?

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